Journaling Workshop Series

“By reflecting on our own experiences
we give ourselves the greatest opportunity for growth,
insight and purposeful action.”

We’ve designed these journaling workshops with
Facilitative Leaders in mind – this means YOU!

We are totally energized by journaling and what happens next (well honestly, that’s not always true – sometimes we scare ourselves a little). Journaling is a tough practice whether you’ve been doing it or resisting it for years. We’ve designed this series of workshops to start with YOU, to help you Facilitate others, and to activate and create new journaling approaches that work for you. OH!!  And you don’t need to be a “writer” to journal successfully – we like to “journal” with pictures and images too.

The first workshop, ‘Journaling as a Yes, not a should’ is specifically designed to kick start or to deepen your personal practice. The second workshop, ’Facilitating Others Off the Page’ will help YOU facilitate the power of journaling within organizations, teams, classrooms, community groups … you get the idea … with really fun and engaging approaches and Cool Tools. The third workshop, ‘Freeing Your Blue Sky Potential’ is fun, messy and hands on with lots of time devoted to creating your own Cool Tools and Stuff that Matters to support your personal and facilitative journaling practices. And we won’t just be writing – no there’s much more. We’ll be journaling with visuals, collected images, and other cool stuff.
Workshop Facilitators: Linda Dudek and Lynette McCormack, cofounders of IdeaConnect – you might also know us from our alter ego as Ah Ha!  Our credentials: We’ve been journaling and using journaling in our facilitative practice for a long time and people ask us, “What are you doing? Why do you do that? Hey, that’s cool – can you do a workshop?” So we say YES! to that.

We can bring one of more of these workshops to you.  Contact us at (919) 363-7562 for more information.

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