How It All Works

Here’s how we help you capture some very specific insights.

Our public and custom workshops are designed and taught using an integrated, innovative and time-tested approach. Which goes something like this:

You’ll learn by learning, and by doing. The how and why is balanced with ample opportunity to experience everything for yourself. We’ll share our own stories and examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Everyone learns the same things – facilitators, consultants, moderators and team leaders all. By developing the facilitation skills needed to lead a session, participants gain a deeper understanding of the process and gain a broad overview of what’s involved in a successful facilitated experience.

Practice makes perfect. So does coaching. All our work takes place in a safe space, where you can take risks, have time for self-assessment and get invaluable feedback from fellow participants. Our high ratio of trainers and coaches provides a chance for one-on-one feedback as well.

State-of-the-art techniques foster state-of-the-art learning. Our workshops are very interactive, combining discussion, role-playing and individual and small group exercises. We provide specific feedback to help you improve your skills, and model what we’re teaching throughout the workshop.

Keep it real. People learn best when they can apply what they’re learning to their own experiences – as they’re learning it. As an outcome of the training workshop, you’ll develop a specific plan for a real project you’re working on that could benefit from a facilitative approach.

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