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Whether you’re coaching one person at a time, leading teams to meet tight timings and stretching objectives or serving clients to reach their dreams, WE offer something for YOU.


We’ve been practicing the art and science of facilitation and dedicating ourselves to learning one project at a time for over 20 years.


Whether you’re a newbie or a master, our passion is to share the very best of what we’ve learned and what we’ve created.

Yes! You may have heard about our brand of crazy.

And you heard right. We share what we’ve created and train our “competition” and our clients to do what we do the way we do it.

No holding back. No black box.

That’s just how much we care about facilitation and facilitative leadership as a way of BEing in the world.

WE are here for YOU! 

Our mission is to provide you with opportunities to think in new ways, to strengthen your foundations, to expand your skills, to connect you with what you care about most and to refresh and reinvigorate you and the work you do EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Please join us this FALL.  We’d love to learn even more right alongside you!

FALL 2017 Schedule

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LearningConnect Facilitator Training

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