Team StartUp Kit

What’s It All About? A higher level of client team
commitment and motivation toward outcomes and goals

… and isn’t that what we all want?

When you’re preparing to facilitate your client’s next project, consider the power of creating a strong foundation of full participation, ownership and creativity from everyone involved.

That’s the power of the Team StartUp Kit in a nutshell. It helps you get yourself, your client team leaders and their team members ready for the journey – a critical component all too often ignored.

Even before the full team comes together for the first session, facilitating a planning session or a pre-brief with this powerful set of cool tools is a great way to get started. And once the team convenes, this kit will help you design and lead

engaging activities that encourage every client team member to align to the project objectives, work together to uncover key questions and hypotheses, and share critical issues and success factors.

Help your client think together about their current best information and knowledge within the context of the specific project so they are ready to build on a common ground and open to learn something new. Creating excitement, curiosity and even fun!

Generating the highest level of commitment, motivation and alignment — and that’s just the beginning.


Intrigued? We have a Team StartUp Kit or Studio Intensive Workshop

Our kit provides you the tips and tools to successfully and easily facilitate all your client pre-brief and kick off sessions. It includes a LeaderGuide and 4 graphic templates: 1 Wall size Team StartUp template, 1 Success Looks Like template, and 1 Speaking Our Minds template, and 1 small wall size Agenda template.

Our half day Studio Intensive Workshop that provides a grounding in tried and true practices guaranteed to generate personal commitment and team motivation toward shared outcomes and goals – a critical component all too often undervalued and sadly ignored.

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