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All About Graphic Templates

Graphic templates enable you to easily facilitate face-to-face and heart-to-heart interaction between your client team members and their consumers and customers in a way that’s simply impossible with more “traditional” formats. So your client will not just see but actually create their own unique big picture.

It’s amazing how much your client teams can discover when you facilitate with graphic templates that:

  • allow for a research design around activities and conversation topics
  • guide the conversation, making it easy for everyone to participate
  • encourage sharing of the articulated and unarticulated experiences, needs and desires
  • capture and organize data – words written on sticky notes, visuals, stories and collages
  • free up the brain to make new connections
  • stimulate new ideas for broader and deeper thinking

And yes, we’ve heard it before: “That looks childish,” “Too simplistic,” “I could draw that.” That’s when we smile – all appearance to the untrained eye to the contrary, the cool tools we have created are very carefully designed to accomplish very specific goals (ease fears, encourage participation, promote retention, etc. etc. etc. )

All, we might add, very, very successfully.

Who knew working with big paper drawings could inspire deep conversations, spark amazing ideas and support learning in a qualitative research setting? And yet, they do. And the best part, they are super easy to use, create smiles and open communication, and help you capture all that great conversation too.

Visit the to find these amazing tools. Here’s a sneak peak.

For Aligning Your Client Team:
Team StartUp Success Looks Like Now What?
For Learning about Customer Experience:
House on a Hill Across Time Cycles of Life
For Concept and Communication Development and Evaluation:
Picture This Top of the Mountain Matrix
For Synthesizing Qualitative Data and Information:
Implications & Applications All About Me Gap Analysis

… and there are even more cool tools at the store including helpful kits that feature instructions, tips and sets of templates that work together!

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