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We are excited to be attending and
Celebrating the Launch of the Eckhart Tolle Foundation — A Four-Day Community Experience with Eckhart Tolle and Friends from September 29 – October 2, 2016

With Living a Life of Presence, the Eckhart Tolle Foundation presents its inaugural event. Accompany Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng, and some of today’s brightest beacons of “awakening in action” for four transformative days in a community of presence featuring:

  • Daily teachings with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng on awakening to a life of presence
  • Marianne Williamson on engaging the challenges of society inspired by unitive consciousness
  • Jack Kornfield on opening to presence through loving awareness and the unfolding of the heart
  • Daniel Siegel, MD, on the radical transformation of our interpersonal relationships through presence
  • Brother David Steindl-Rast on how the experience of gratitude amplifies our ability to be present with whatever arises

This four-day experience of renewal, connection, and inspiration will explore the personal and global implications of the flowering of human consciousness.

Creativity and Innovation: We’re going BACK – to the ACRE 22 and EDU 11 Annual Creativity Conferences in South Africa.  We had such an amazing time, enjoyed great sessions at this unique conference and are honored to be invited to present again. Susannah Childers will be presenting.

Topic: Amp up your Creativity with VISUAL THINKING!

Come experience Tools and Techniques to Enhance your facilitation skills, Enableyour clients and teams to achieve deeper learning and Illuminate new Insights. This highly interactive session will increase your capability to think and work visually. We’ll share simple tips and graphic recording techniques you can use right away with your team members, clients and consumers. And we’ll explore how using graphic templates can help your teams learn more, connect ideas faster and be morecreative in the process – Oh! And have fun too!

Cool Tools are available to support the facilitative leader in you.  Check out the some of our featured items… and check back often on our online store to see what special offers are available – something new every month.

  • Card Decks– if you haven’t seen the NEW Let the Picture Pick You 2 deck or the Pathway Deck, you’ll want to see what the cards hold for you.  Each deck is loaded with pictures; use for yourself and with teams.
  • Teacher Classroom Tools– Yay! Visual Thinking in the classroom with great results.  Easy downloadable pdfs or printed versions, with Teacher Guides to get you started.  New lower pricing for bundles of 5 printed templates – a perfect classroom pack to encourage collaborative small group projects in Science, Writing, History and more.

Check out a case study that highlights the new Teacher Classroom Tools!  This case study is shared by our own 3rd grade teacher, Miss Amanda Homan.  Start of the Week Case Study 2015

LearningConnect Training Series

LCF100 – Fundamentals of LearningConnect, February 28- March 3, 2017, sponsored by P&G in Cincinnati Area,

LCF 200 – Advanced LearningConnect Principles & Practices, April 26-28 and May 11-12, 2017, also sponsored by P&G in the Cincinnati area.  If you are a graduate of our LCF100 course, please contact us with your interest in enrolling in the 200 level.

New Workshops and Training Sessions

We are pleased to offer custom sessions for your organization upon request for groups of up 12. Come join the community of LearningConnect practitioners from around the world for these exciting training events. See our Trainings and Workshops page for more details and registration information.

New Workshops and Training Sessions

During our annual planning time, we came up with over 50 workshop and training ideas.  We are working to develop a few of our favorites so stay tuned to see what’s new.

Have something you want us to offer? – let us know by email, snail mail, tweets or on Facebook… smoke signals and carrier pigeons might not be as effective but we’ll keep an eye out for those too.

Connecting with you

We are live and active on Facebook, Twitter and with our Blog.  We extend this invitation to all of you to write on the IdeaConnect wall, to share your experiences and stories of Facilitative Leadership, and to pose powerful questions for all of us to sit with. We look forward to hearing from YOU! With Much Love and Deepest Appreciation.

Take a look, Post a comment, Let us know what you’d like to hear more about.

For more information, please call 919-363-7562, or email

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