More Info about ACRE

This highly interactive session will increase your capability to tap into your elemental creativity – and see how you can inspire others to do the same. Oh! And have fun too in this creative and playful session!

Attendees will leave this session able to:

  • Build awareness of the foundational support of the Earth and the physical aspects of creativity – from your personal creative space to facility choice in leading group creativity.
  • Soar in your creativity tapping into the vision and broad perspective of air and the Mental realm. We will think together about ideas and information and how collaborative creativity broadens the range of ideas generated.
  • Deepen team relationships and build trust as you tune into the Emotional realm of water and the reflective nature of creativity. Feelings and heart centered creativity will be our focus here to balance more outward traditional creativity tools.
  • Ignite yourself and teams toward action with powerful Fire realm energy. Take action and implement creations as we build action plans to make creativity lessons and concepts into reality.
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