Circle Arounds are one of our favorite visual thinking tools. When we bring them to a team work session, creativity sparks, connections are discovered, and deeper understanding happens in a short period of time. It is the holistic, simplicity of a circle that supports gathering themes, brainstorming ideas, mind mapping. It also allows freedom to choose where to go deeper into connections to engage the group.

The BIGGER the BETTER for a Circle Around. Wall size is what we like to use, 4′ x 3′ – on the walls or on the tables. With one circle around there is a focal point and with several, there can be a conversation cafe.

Imagine what you and your team of ideators will learn if the work in small groups with a circle around, then step back and see the patterns, move from table to table (or wall to wall), have discussion about the common connections and themes, bring your seed ideas into focus, and converge on the top most intriguing or most stretching ideas … and then create action steps.

We just love CIRCLE AROUND templates. Magic!

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I stand in appreciation and wonder of the skill, talents and expertise people bring to their teams & communities. A trained chemical engineer/chemist (UMich ‘85, Kalamazoo College ‘84) who grew up in a household of educators, I naturally connect my love of science and learning, appreciation of others and facilitative leadership skills to inspire others to go for their dreams. As Co-founder of AH HA! and IdeaConnect I’ve put my graphic facilitator skills to work with teams that want to learn and create knowledge, especially through the LearningConnect® approach created by my partner, Lynette McCormack; I’ve harnessed my passion for personal development to share journaling workshops and a mother & teen daughter workshop, Women in Progress, to facilitate personal visioning that also deepens the mother-daughter relationship; I’ve managed the IdeaConnect product & printing business since 2009, which means I get to oversee the product development, creation and order fulfillment of our beautiful cool tools. I’ve enjoyed presenting at IFT, ASTM, ICSI, Pegasus Conference about experiential learning and facilitative leadership; and at my local elementary school about Sweden. Some of my favorite learning experiences have been at the Creativity Cruises, Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), Structural Thinking Fundamentals with Robert Fritz and interactions with youth through science, art and reading. I relearn every day the importance of Generations to connect, listen to one another, and truly collaborate.

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