Be Energized by Life

I just came out of an 18 month cocooning (aka sabbatical … aka I don’t want to move and no one can make me). Eighteen months is a long time for any practice, and one requiring a certain degree of stillness can begin to feel like stuck-ness. And now everything I’m doing feels like BIG movement (at least most days compared to being still).

So what happened? What suddenly brought me out of my quiet stillness?

Gentle (and not so gentle) invitations by friends to come back out into the world and a few kicks in the rear. Oh, and lots of amazingly restorative time in the peace of nature and letting the sun shower me with radiant love. That always works for me! I even rode a bike on the beach!! Thank you @terrystankovits @ellystankovits and @suschilders @wemccormck

So when you need to, how do you access more energy to get unstuck and get moving?

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Hello world!

IdeaConnect – we’ve been around for a long time – you may be an old friend or perhaps you’ve never heard of us. So here’s a little bit about us.

IdeaConnect provides tools, trainings and workshops that enhance, enable and illuminate Facilitative Leaders, so that they – meaning you – can guide teams to achieve and exceed their own expectations (“team” being a very technical term that translates roughly as “any group of people that needs to get something done.”)

We’re the R&D arm and idea generator for Ah Ha!, an innovative facilitation and consulting company that works with teams of all kinds in gaining knowledge, integrating information and developing new connections – which serves as a very successful proving ground for our theory and practice.

But we didn’t want to stop there. Because, call us crazy, we’d rather let as many people people as possible in on the not-so-secret of what we do, and enable them to go off and do it for themselves.

So no matter what industry you work in, or what job title you have, we can guide you (facilitatively, of course) toward harnessing the power of people to achieve impressive real-world results.

Where it leads? That’s up to you.