Be Energized by Life

I just came out of an 18 month cocooning (aka sabbatical … aka I don’t want to move and no one can make me). Eighteen months is a long time for any practice, and one requiring a certain degree of stillness can begin to feel like stuck-ness. And now everything I’m doing feels like BIG movement (at least most days compared to being still).

So what happened? What suddenly brought me out of my quiet stillness?

Gentle (and not so gentle) invitations by friends to come back out into the world and a few kicks in the rear. Oh, and lots of amazingly restorative time in the peace of nature and letting the sun shower me with radiant love. That always works for me! I even rode a bike on the beach!! Thank you @terrystankovits @ellystankovits and @suschilders @wemccormck

So when you need to, how do you access more energy to get unstuck and get moving?

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