IdeaConnect provides visual thinking tools, training and workshops that enhance, enable and illuminate Facilitative Leaders, so that they – meaning you – can guide teams to achieve and exceed their own expectations. (“Team” being a very technical term that translates roughly as “any group of people that needs to get something done.”)

We’re the R&D arm and idea generator for Ah Ha!, an innovative facilitation and consulting company that uses visual thinking tools to work with teams of all kinds in gaining knowledge, integrating information and developing new connections – which serves as a very successful proving ground for our theory and practice.

But we didn’t want to stop there. Because, call us crazy, we’d rather let as many people as possible in on the not-so-secret of what we do, and enable them go off and do it for themselves.

So no matter what industry you work in, or what job title you have, we can guide you (facilitatively, of course) toward harnessing the power of people to achieve impressive real-world results.

Workshops, Training and Tools for Facilitative Leaders.

Facilitative Leadership is the art of leading people toward agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and insight from all involved.

But really, it’s a lot more fun – and productive – than it sounds. Think about it this way:

How do you get things done? 

When you have an important project that requires a diverse group of people to think, act and play nice together, how do you make it happen? Who’s in charge? What tools do you have at hand? Where do the really good ideas come from?

Well, facilitative leadership is a proven approach – or maybe a state of mind – that provides an effective and creative framework for answering all those questions. And, as a result, maximizing your chances for success.

And IdeaConnect?  

This is where you turn for everything you need to know about how it works, and how to be it.

We connect you with visual thinking tools and amazing facilitation skills so you can create amazing results.

We’ve been immersed in this stuff for years – facilitating incredibly well received sessions for everyone from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies,* and conducting hands-on workshops to spread our leadership tools and techniques far and wide.

Simply put, we connect you to some really potent ideas. And put the power to use them right in your hands.

*Perhaps you’ve heard of our alter ego? Ah Ha!

Facilitative Leadership

  • isn’t defined by age, seniority or title
  • doesn’t rule with an iron fist
  • is not the same thing all the time
  • is fluid
  • is collaborative
  • is a journey
  • is a way of being
  • is what we make of it

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